Song List

Songs by Doug Smith, and collaborators

After The Rain
A Happy Man
A Slightly Imperfect Man
All American Bum (Peter Hoff)
All Because of You 
All It Takes
And The World Changed
Another Lost Soul
Another Question for the Road
Answered Prayer
Anywhere With You
Bag Lady Hit and Run
Balls In Space
Better Than Before
Between The River and the Sea
Blue Before You Got Here
Border Line
Born To Breathe
Breathless Works of God
Broken Wings
Burning Ambition
Buster Truck
Butterfly (Dorinda Dercar)
Carrying The Tune
Celebrate This Love
Changes Unkind
Christmas Praise
Christmas Round The World
Come Christmas
(Baby, Baby, I’m Not) Crazy
Create In Us
Crossing Park
Danger Zone
Die Smiling (Dorinda Dercar)
Don’t Cry
Don’t Give Up Your Day Job
Early In The Morning (Peter Hoff & Doug Smith)
Elvis Has Left The Building
Enjoy The View (Dorinda Dercar)
Everyone Used To Be A Cowboy
Face In The Crowd
For The Friendship
Friends To The End of Time
Full of Wonder
Fully Human
Go Ahead
Go Do It (Karlessa Pugh & Doug Smith)
God’s Love Endures Forever
Gone Gone Gone
Good News Right Now (instrumental)
Happy Birthday, Jesus 
Hard Daydreamer
Here We Are
Hidden Dreams
Higher Love
Highway Song (Dorinda Dercar)
I Can Remember
I Hate Waiting In Line
I Know You’re Sensitive
It Doesn’t Cost A Thing
It Still Goes On (Dorinda Dercar & Doug Smith)
It’s A Miracle
It’s All About The Money
It’s The Music (Dorinda Dercar)
Johnny Bad
Just Love Everybody
Kindred Spirits
Lady Said
Let It Go
Lighten Up Your Load
Living By The Word
Love Each Other
Love Me Please Don’t Love Me
Magic In Me (Peter Hoff & Doug Smith)
Make Each Other Happy
Miami (Remember Me)
Midnight In Colorado
Mile Long Milo (Peter Hoff & Doug Smith)
Momentarily Restless 
Monkey Out of Me
Mostly Imagination
My Favorite Christmas
My Feet (Neil Greenwood & Doug Smith)
No Excuses
No One Ever Told Me It Could Be This Way
No Time
Not Coming Back (Dorinda Dercar)
Not Just A Sad Boy
One Sweet Kiss (instrumental)
Opening Night
Our Secret
Over Lake Michigan
Peggy Lanning Unemployed
Power of the Holy Spirit
Praise His Name
Pricks and Bitches (Peter Hoff & Doug Smith)
Rise Up
Saddle Brook Dance
Say Hello
See You Around (Dorinda Dercar)
Shades of Your Blues
Shake It Down Shakeytown
Sing With Me (Dorinda Dercar & Doug Smith) 
Some Sweet Evenings
Some Times The Lord
Special Gifts
Speed Boogie
Strange As It Seems
Stuck In The Friend Zone
Sugar Blues (Peter Hoff)
Teacher, Teacher
The Beautiful Blessing
The Greeks Are Back
The Heartbreak Kid (Dorinda Dercar)
The Only Way
The Robbery
The Unwatched Tightrope (Dorinda Dercar & Doug Smith)
The White Knight and Princess (Dorinda Dercar & Doug Smith)
This Is My Prayer 
This Life
Those Broken Wings
Time After Time
Too Much Fun
Traveler (Dorinda Dercar)
True Fasting
Trust and Wisdom
Try To Be Mellow
Unbroken Line
We Know You’re You
Whatever Is True
With You Right Now
Working Days
You Brighten My Day (Dorinda Dercar)
You Heard It Wrong
Your Romeo
Zombie Eyes

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