busy world

Busy World - Collage by Douglas Brent Smith (c) 1968
Busy World is the first collage that I ever made. I still have the original. As with most of my collages through over 50 years of making them, most are on 8 1/2 by 11 inch notebook paper. They're small little worlds about the size of magazine pages.

I use found images, mostly from magazines from newspapers cut with simple scissors and fixed with Elmer's undiluted glue. Some also involve other images such as photographs and my own drawings.

My favorite season to make collages is winter - especially December and January.

For information on how to purchase one or more collages framed or unframed, please contact me at: douglasbrentsmith@gmail.com

They are expensive because I don't really want to part with them but I can be persuaded, especially if we're friends.

You are welcome to use this image for non-commercial purposes as long as you provide the following attribution:

Collage by Douglas Brent Smith (c) 2015

Non-professional purposes include using the image to illustrate an article, blog entry, tweet, Facebook posting, or other social media use. For professional use involving the sale of any items or including the image in the sale or solicitation of any product or publication for money please first contact me at douglasbrentsmith@gmail.com

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