ocean walk

the cold wind blew uncut

as ocean waves kicked stone gray jetties

large gaping cracks between the rocks

long suggestive pauses in our dialogue

steps away a homasote haunted castle

beyond a secret mist two blocks

in the distance a single

block between what we said and

what pooled below the surface

moist light beach sand crisp night air

a buoy on the horizon this is your turf

your haunting ground the smells salt sweet

gulls and mussels and popcorn blended

inseparable from that late summer visit

our individual yet tethered travels

returning each of us again to us

in our own ocean so deep we may not swim

beyond the mystery

of the tingling unhinging phrases unstrung

broken guitar strings a chipped boardwalk


stunning afternoon thru evening tones

incidental sublimations consequential

quirks of fate probing endless questions

colored by scattered sighs barely audible

experience unsaid unconsummated ties

that clouds cover us and the moon

that night one of our full moons

stalking us the jangle of atlantic city

fading in the distance

your tales of dancing on the steel pier

hints, whispered non-sequiturs, double entendres 

glimpses ? wishes ? desires ? 

a circle of sand around your blanket

endless conversation smoke inside

my eyes around your eyes

(should we touch) (should we try ? )

we did not and

wondered why...

-- douglas brent smith


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