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Tissue Orange Juice

Random still life and current mood. photo by douglas brent smith Ok to use this photo. Please notate it: photo by douglas brent smith, 2016. 

etcetera on noisetrade

My most recent album, etcetera, is now available on Noisetrade. You could listen. You could even download for free. And if you like, you can leave a tip.  This is the "final" version of the album -- I'd previewed parts of it before.  Hope you like it! Find etcetera here

Way Past Getting Old

mp3 file: Way Past Getting Old


i am powerfully attracted to strong coffee, strong whiskey and strong women and so far strong coffee has never hurt me although i may drown myself in it, to stay up thru the night to face the morning without her because trying to sleep is stupid and trying to get over it is bad advice so what's to do? when the person i'd ask asks for space? could i be the strong one resilient, resolved? remembering some mysteries will never be solved so make me a strong one with whiskey and black and i will be waiting when that woman comes back -- douglas brent smith (c) 2016