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Big Fat TV

 "Big Fat TV" collage by douglas brent smith. when you are  in a hurry and still want to get  there in good spirit be sure to dance & smell the flowers & pack lightly because you've got so much more to pick up put away light up serenade grow and know you're individual flow. NOTES: This is one of a series of collages I made using a good old fashioned copy machine, combined with some cut-out doodles and random pictures -- these apparently featuring transportation (and dance!) I added the poem after posting the collage. Now they belong together! ~ dbSm ~

Stay Young

It might feel like our youth abandons us, but it's always available within us. Ask questions. Try new things. Meet new people and make new friends. That field of work is also a field of play. Stay young. -- doug smith

A Walk In The Country

  A Walk In The Country - a collage by douglas brent smith, 1992. Walks in the country often produce surprises. You never know what you'll find.