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Poem: how?

how do you do it? i'd like to know because it would make it all so much easier it seems to come naturally to you like getting off a bike or combing your hair and you never seem to give it much thought while i can't seem not to how do you do it? because after all this time and so many hard, rough lessons i still have not learned how is it an affliction? is it a choice? befuddled. ruffled. resolute. stuck. tightly held yet no longer held dropped like a rock into a still pond that stays still how do you do it? how do you stop loving someone? -- doug smith 15 July 2019

Photograph: The Home Office

My ever so humble home office. I like how the sun is shining thru the door on the wall just above three of my collages.

Obscure Altered Greeting Card

Yeah, this is a card that I believe was returned to me unopened. Oh well. 2015.

Who Wore It First?

Collage: Blue as You Do

Seems like I squared this one off as a possible album cover. It goes way back. The photos are circa 1980...

That Time the House Burned Down