Song: I'm Just a Bulldog

Here's a song for my favorite bulldog.

I’m Just a Bulldog (Doug Smith)

C                               F                  C        F
I’m just a bulldog the bestest breed
                    C     G                     C
I’m all the dog you will ever need
C                                  F               C       F
I’m just a bulldog, and that’s OK
                       C         G                         C
Take me for walks, I’ll make your day

D7                    G
Yes I will do, just as I pleases
D7                            G
When I’m outside sniffin’ the breezes

I’m just a bulldog, strong and lean
Wash my face, keep my creases clean
You must be happy with what you’ve got
The way you kiss me, and wipe my butt

I may not have much of a tail
But look at those eyes — they’ll never fail

I’m just a bulldog, I’m truly cool
Pay attention — clean up my drool

(c) 2017 Douglas Brent Smith

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