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A New Perspective

  A New Perspective - collage by douglas brent smith, 11 November 1992 Notes: How do you feel about x-ray vision? I remember vividly (in 3D?) seeing for the first time the movie "X - The Man With X-Ray Eyes" starring Ray Milland. I enjoy that movie so much. Poor Ray, suffers so much for his gift, and craves much more than he can ever see. It's a classic story of the perils of experimenting on yourself. But, isn't that all any of us are doing? Experimenting with ourselves? We don't know how this turns out for certain. I have faith in certain destinies, but seriously who really knows? Improving one's vision along the way seems like a great advantage. I've been blessed with correctable eyes, and they have needed lots of correcting over the years. I do not take vision for granted and I do thank God for my vision every day. And, while I do need to use three kinds of eye drops every day, none of them give me X-Ray vision, and that's a good thing. Look at poo

The Tempest and the Toolmaker

The Tempest and the Toolmaker - collage by douglas brent smith - 


We are bound to each other in ways that cannot be untied. -- doug smith