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Indulgence #1

Photograph: douglas brent smith (c) 2016 You may use this photo to your hearts delight.

my heart so full of you

even with the world falling apart all i can think about is keeping us together is bringing us together doing over chances to choose love that endures purely forming storms of passion, not disappointment and pleasures we'd treasure not measure against impossible pondering such notions preoccupy me even as you chasten me to let go of them and declare we're over that we're on the same page on so many things singing similar songs yet wrongly irregular on this         i must (don't judge)         simply kiss you again. again this. a kiss you and me and see where this leads us. and please, trust me on this i have your best interests at heart and my heart             so full of you throbs incessantly still agreed, we see this                    differently and so i'll wait and take moment by careful moment time with you until i'm no longer (we're no longer) careful and cautious but dramatically real how does that feel? (