Unstoppable In Collageland


Unstoppable In Collageland

Unstoppable In Collageland -- collage by douglas brent smith, 1980


he was cute and

younger than me but

not illegally younger

and wearing a tight

orange and purple 

shirt that had written

across the chest

"are you gay?" and

he smiled and i thought

"isn't everyone?"

 -- douglas brent smith

Two Guitars


Two Guitars

Two Guitars -- sketch by douglas brent smith

Road Control


Road Control

Road Control - collage by douglas brent smith, 30 January 1984

Unlimited Strength

image: https://pixabay.com/photos/rappelling-rope-safety-security-755400/

Strength is not a zero-sum game. Your strength does not subtract strength from anyone else (or shouldn't). Someone else's strength does not subtract from yours. Sometimes we act like it does, but it need not be that way. As high performance leaders our job is to help others to develop their strength. In the process, we develop our own.

Our strength does not depend on anyone's weakness. We never need for anyone else to ever be less in order for us to be more. We can all grow. We can all improve. We can, and should, all develop our leadership strength.

-- doug smith

the night after


i saw it coming and started running

but it never seemed to stop

it flashed like a light in the middle of the night

and exploded with a loud piercing pop

the morning hit me and my shirt didn't fit me

and beer cans were bent at my feet

i walked to the kitchen someone started bitchin'

and led me back to the street

cars were passing and hustlers were hassling

every new face that strolled by

i jumped to the street dodging the heat

while my feet did their best to fly

like a circus clown in a strange dark town

i reached for your number and phoned

come save me from this with a smile and a kiss

it's too much to face all alone

you balked and you stalled and said why did you call?

you need to find someplace to stay

the high that sustained us was destined to fall

and the feelings have all flown away.

-- douglas brent smith

Life Goes On

Life Goes On


Life Goes On - sketch by douglas brent smith, 1984

I Can Take You Anywhere

I Can Take You Anywhere

 I Can Take You Anywhere -- collage by douglas brent smith, 30 January 1984

grand canyon


she shared some details

of the road trip with

the teen in a van

not too many intense

infraction type details

it was fill in the blanks

with too much thinking

heart wrenching imagination

like why would two people

in a van driving together

sharing inside secrets and

cheap road food not be

more than she said

playing a players game

of silence and selective

facts believable whether deceivable 

or not who could know

she met a native american guide

entering the great grand canyon

already ahead of her hiking

below the entertainer chevy chase

working up his best sweat

"losing weight for a part," he told her

he seemed nice she told me

she, so sun tanned

deeply in pain

followed the guide's instructions

scaling the canyon, seeking and

finding her peace on her own

in shorts and a shirt

a weight loss plan of her own

for that burn in her heart

immune from her lotions

medicines and potions

yet falling away as she scaled

deeper to release the one-hundred-and-ninety

pounds of disappointment

the guide set her free

with a nod for the tip

and when she returned

freedom felt better than the pain

sending her away again

without the boy

without me


we share this


when the motion

slips into another space

explanations defy attempts to reconcile

part of the magic lives in everything

     that's ever been

     and ever is

like a wave

all of our days are part of something

more complex than we can see

so the part of you in me

and me in you goes on

some of the energy conserved in all

     that's ever drawn

     from breath lives on

-- douglas brent smith

Friendly Advice


Friendly Advice

Friendly Advice -- collage by douglas brent smith, 14 November 1983, from the journal "Theme and Variation"

Back Cover, Theme and Variation

Back Cover, Theme and Variation

 Back Cover, Theme and Variation -- collage by douglas brent smith, 1983


Not so much a collage as a collection of images that builds up as I'm writing a journal, this one from 1983 - 1984. Based on the pictures on the wall, the picture at the bottom of Dorinda and me playing together is from Bridgeton, NJ -- no doubt Dad & Edna's house on Jay Avenue. We look happy.

The woman on the slide of course is Nena and she looks happy, too. These were perhaps dramatic but oh so happy times.




                   from a stranger


from the center of the soul

childlike prods

                to an undiscovered corner

tripping, tipping

                   into a hole


                  as the stranger


from the cage of ourselves

liberating touches

                on the edge of frenzy

seizing, freezing

                 short of the goal

where is the cutting edge?

one of us is bleeding.

-- douglas brent smith

The Motion Age Beatnik


The Motion Age Beatnik

The Motion Age Beatnik -- collage by douglas brent smith, 21 March 1984


I met the three people who are featured in the lower right corner of this collage. It was during a festival that I was involved with in Child's Play Touring Theatre. I do not remember the name of the mime trio. I think they were from France. They were fun, they were fabulous, we all got along famously. Never to meet again, but for a day or two we were all fast friends. I didn't speak any French, so our interactions were mostly non-verbal, but they were a mime troupe after all, so no problem at all.

Old Advice

Old advice could still be good -- if it ever was good.

Some old advice does not age well and so we throw it out. Stock market tips from 1980 won't do you much good today. Fashion statements from 1990 probably won't serve you well now.

But some old advice holds up well. Take care of others. Tell the truth. Always do your best. Lots of old advice is still great advice.

What's your best advice?

-- doug smith

Test Drive

Test Drive

 Test Drive -- collage by douglas brent smith 10 March 1984


something's unclear

and i fear it's true

who live here?

is it me or you?

-- douglas brent smith

from "One of One: 143 Poems"

Good Interior Decorating


Good Interior Decorating

Good Interior Decorating -- collage by douglas brent smith, 10 March 1984

From the Private Collection of Marvin Tudas


From the Private Collection of Marvin Tudas

From the Private Collection of Marvin Tudas -- collage by douglas brent smith, 4 December 1983

Study for Painting

Study for painting

 Study for painting -- drawing by douglas brent smith


I did actually paint this study, although it has been lost to the ages somehow, maybe in the fire in Louisville, maybe in one of my many moves. Too bad, it came out much better than this sketch. The window scene was different, featuring a VW beetle. The floor was black and yellow. It's an acquired taste but I really liked it. It was fairly large compared to my usual works, too -- probably 36 x 48 inches. 

From Each Hand Until The End

  From Each Hand Until The End -- collage by douglas brent smith, 1988