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Give Me Your Brain

Note: I once wrote a play called "The Great Brain Robbery." This poem is from that period of time, in 1973, when I thought some things were much funnier than I do now. And, the basic premise of the play, that we are unconsciously surrendering our brains, still holds up. Give Me Your Brain you're certainly a silly one afraid to give a brain the whole world's grabbing for it release it while you're sane we need a brain like yours to use in service to our cause it won't help you once you're crazy filled with riddles and with flaws you're no Einstein nor a Curie just a normal filled with fury you're no Jesus why not please us give that brain away such a silly greedy one clutching to your head all your brain cells added up won't matter when you're dead give me your brain it's not so much a sibling cerebral skunk crutch let it go now in this exchange give me oh give me hey give me your brain


if a circle is    really a series of       triangles          how can we ever             expect to                make any sense                   out of any                      thing at all? 3 January 2023