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Exactly, More or Less

  Exactly, More or Less - collage by douglas brent smith, 30 November 1991 she looked at me as if i knew what i was doing but she knew that i didn't and was not having  any of it making it all sideways slipped and slipping so i did my best to get her attention only achieving disapproval.

Lamp, 1992

  Lamp, sketch by douglas brent smith, mixed media, 1992 This is a drawing of an actual lamp. I don't remember where the lamp lived -- maybe in our house on 39th Place -- that seems logical. It appears in journal #27 Repercussions .

Downstream Corporation

  Downstream Corporation - collage by douglas brent smith, 30 August 1991. The board of directors is not in the mood for slacking. The stream must keep flowing and the product must roll. There is money to be made, but wait! That pause for fun has already begun. For most of my life, collages all came together in one day. They could take hours, but I would seldom stop working on one until it was done. Usually the radio would be playing endlessly in the background -- WMMR when I lived in NJ or PA, WXRT when I lived in Chicago. For this collage, it was WXRT all the way. - dbS - 

You Can Be...

  You Can Be... - sketch by douglas brent smith Where do you stand? What do you demand?  Who do you declare yourself to be? 

You Can Be Positive

  You Can Be Positive - collage by douglas brent smith.

Worldview Built In a Day

  Worldview Built In a Day - collage by douglas brent smith, 3 January 1988