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Sketch: Balancing Topper

Not much more than a doodle but it brings me joy and seemed brilliant in 1976. Now, I'm not so sure, but I can still smile.

Cartoon: A short treatise on existence

I created this oddity in 1976, in the middle of a disappearing relationship, working a series of very odd jobs including security guard, bartender, and parking lot attendant. Saved for posterity because I'm just too self-absorbed not to, I guess.

You May Not Need Every Tool

Do you have a lot of tools? I don't. I had a nice collection inherited from my dad (I call them a collection because I collected them but when they were his he actually USED them) until they were destroyed in a fire. Now, an apartment dweller, I have few tools. I still don't use all of them -- but I know how. When we are solving problems we have many tools. The temptation is to use them all. It's oddly satisfying to bring out tool after tool. Satisfying, but sometimes inefficient. Simplicity - elegant simplicity is often best. Use the tools that work, and leave the rest for another time. It isn't always necessary to overwhelm a problem in order to solve it. Sometimes the solution is right there in from of you and in need of only one tool. Dialogue. Talk about it and see what happens. You might just solve that problem faster than you expected. -- doug smith This entry comes from one of my other blogs: High Performance Leadership and also appears on

Collage: Corner Office

Corner Office by doug smith Collage: Corner Office, (c) 2007 douglas brent smith

Drawing: Where To Begin?

(c) 2006, douglas brent smith from Creative Play, p.203,  Douglas Brent Smith, (c) 2006

Collage: It's In The Water

It's In The Water From Creative Play , by Douglas Brent Smith

Collage: Discovering Another Garden

Discovering Another Garden Collage, created March 2006 by Doug Smith (c) 2006 Douglas Brent Smith

Collage: Bizarre Box of Treasures - Cover Detail

Poem: off again

did i ever tell you that any of that                 mattered or that        holding out hope is what i do best? with your barely open gates closing and your once flirtatious musing silenced you look at me           differently and see another friend                   ending this dance           again ending this           dance again           But, didn't you tell me that you don't dance? -- doug smith

Photo: Wedgwood Office

FRL Office in Longmont

Photo: Random Lighting Panel

Do You Think This is Up to Code?

Bedroom Lamp and Light

Bedroom Lamp and Light