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Song: Cousins

Stream or download for free here.

Collage: In Whispers and Visions Unending

Collage by douglas brent smith, created 4 November 1979 from the book and performance piece: "the path of destiny takes the scenic route" You may use this image if you provide attribution.

Collage: Golden City of Dreams

"Golden City of Dreams" collage by douglas brent smith Created: 3 November 1979

Collage: Modern Arrangement

"Modern Arrangement" collage by douglas brent smith Created: 8 August 1980

Song: A Happy Man

Collage: An Afternoon Waltz

Collage: "An Afternoon Waltz" by Douglas Brent Smith, 12 November 1979

Sketches: Creative Play Sun Wings (Doubled)

Sketch by douglas brent smith - Creative Play Sun Wings Accidentally doubled this image and then liked it so, here it is.

Sketches: Creativity Character Icon

Sketch by Douglas Brent Smith: Creativity Character Icon

Sketches: Creativity Cake or Pie?

Sketch by Douglas Brent Smith: "Creativity Cake or Pie?"

Collage: Circle Arrow Cut / Detail

Collage by douglas brent smith: Circle Arrow Cut / Detail

Sketches: Chair and Calendar

"Chair and Calendar" by Douglas Brent Smith

Sketches: Caught from Eternal

"Caught from Eternal" by Douglas Brent Smith

Sketches: Balancing Topper

"Balancing Topper" by Douglas Brent Smith, 1976

Collage: Altered Matter

Collage: "Altered Matter" by douglas brent smith, 5 December, 1979

Collage: A Stroll Around the Crystal

Collage "A Stroll Around The Crystal" by douglas brent smith, 4 December, 1979