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I like eclipses...because that implies there is more to the story and that I don't know all of the answers because maybe (maybe!) the emerging nature of the universe (and certainly our perception...) allows new answers to form.  Maybe we can (do...?) try on new realities just for fun because (maybe...) there is no one permanent reality. (That is not to excuse ALL things or even to explain all things. It is to allow all things whatever is to be.) "That's crazy talk." "Yes. But, is it really?" -- doug smith  

Collage: Weather the Storm

  "Weather the Storm" digital collage by douglas brent smith 07 January 2022

Collage: She Knows How to Navigate the Lake

  Digital Collage by douglas brent smith 06 January 2022

Collage: Dave Meets Dave

  "Dave Meets Dave" collage by douglas brent smith 3 January 2022

Collage: Bob Finds The Lake Amusing

  "Bob Finds the Lake Amusing" digital collage by douglas brent smith 2 January 2022

Collage: Block Party

  "Block Party" - digital collage by douglas brent smith 30 December 2021

Collage: Table of Desires

Table of Desires - collage by douglas brent smith 29 December 2021

Collage: She'll Give It Some Thought

  "She'll Give It Some Thought" collage by doug smith 28 December 2021

Collage: Valley Adventure

  Valley Adventure, Collage by doug smith 28 December 2021

another unbroken line

the unbroken line steers thru you unaffected unphased sense of purpose                            denied on purpose                   over and over again: you dream of something meaningful, light not (yet) focused covering you which is to say        uncovering you layer after layer           the sounds like velcro           unclothing disrobing           revealing hey is that you? is that the you you wanted to reveal?                                      or, does that you, catch you, as      much by surprise as the rest of us? douglas brent smith

Cheap Kong Demos

  Music demos from my first musical "Cheap Kong" on Soundcloud And here is the script to Cheap Kong .

Treasure Island, Episode 3 of 3


Treasure Island, Episode 2 of 3


Treasure Island, Episode 1 of 3

 I had the delight of participating in this Zoom production of Treasure Island. Here is Episode 1 of 3:


  The trouble with revolution is breaking things. The problem with ignoring tradition is that you forget what got you here, and what has mattered before. Certainly, we don't need to follow tradition without question. We also don't need to overplay our hand. Nuance is an art. Inspiration is an art. Balance...well, you's an art. -- doug smith