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I'm re-organizing my soundcloud recordings as a place for my instrumental music. As a result, I will soon be "retiring" the album "etcetera." It's from a different time in my life, anyway and I'm ready to let it go from that platform. If you'd like to download a copy, you can here: (for a limited time!) 

Most of the songs from that album will remain available here at reverbnation.  

Break-up albums can get deep, and this one was an attempt. It was also an attempt to woo the next romantic adventure and failed deeply indeed at that (well, it wasn't necessarily the songs that caused the failure, but they certainly did reflect that failure.) Hopefully, everyone else involved in all that drama is now happy and living their best life. (I can still hear my therapist saying "don't be preposterous..." Ha.)

I'll be converting my soundcloud space to the kind of music you'd hear at one of my training events, or in one of my soundtrack recordings -- instrumental. That's my notion for now...

-- doug smith

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No One Expected Moses

  No One Expected Moses -- collage by douglas brent smith 4 August 1983