Do The Work

Love only begins to start when the easy part is over.

-- douglas brent smith


Infatuation will destroy you if you let it. Love is your gift, not your tingly feelings.

-- douglas brent smith

Song: I'm Just a Bulldog

Here's a song for my favorite bulldog.

I’m Just a Bulldog (Doug Smith)

C                               F                  C        F
I’m just a bulldog the bestest breed
                    C     G                     C
I’m all the dog you will ever need
C                                  F               C       F
I’m just a bulldog, and that’s OK
                       C         G                         C
Take me for walks, I’ll make your day

D7                    G
Yes I will do, just as I pleases
D7                            G
When I’m outside sniffin’ the breezes

I’m just a bulldog, strong and lean
Wash my face, keep my creases clean
You must be happy with what you’ve got
The way you kiss me, and wipe my butt

I may not have much of a tail
But look at those eyes — they’ll never fail

I’m just a bulldog, I’m truly cool
Pay attention — clean up my drool

(c) 2017 Douglas Brent Smith


Love can always go deeper but not everyone has the courage.

-- Doug Smith

Song: Run Away!

Run Away! (Douglas Brent Smith)

Don’t go to the basement in your underwear
Maybe you can’t tell but there’s a monster down there
Do yourself a favor and turn on a light
Pay attention if you want to live thru the night

Did you notice that the kitchen knives are missing?
Now is not the time for teen age lover kissing
Did you notice that the lights are blinking?
Why head for the danger? What are you thinking?

Every scary movie has them: brainless fools
Walking into danger as the monster drools
Zombies and slashers love ‘em, they taste so good
And never do the one thing that they should:
Run away!     Run away!    Are you an idiot?     Run away!

If you’re smart you’ll avoid that cabin in the woods
the one with a history of evil up to no good
If it’s Friday the 13th you might want to stay awake
Dreaming on that night could be a really big mistake  (chorus)

(c) 2017 Douglas Brent Smith

Hang In There

Sometimes we're all a little less secure than we'd like to be.

-- Doug Smith

Song: Jesus Ain't Afraid of Halloween

Jesus Ain’t Afraid of Halloween (Douglas Brent Smith)

        C                       Em                Am                       G
She looked at me sternly with what she had to say 
      C                  Em            Am              G
“We do not celebrate the devil’s holiday”
     F                          G               Em          Am
Believe what you believe but I had to grin
     F                          G               Em          Am      D7       G
I don’t see trick or treat as some kind of sin

C                   Am                      F        G
Jesus ain’t afraid of Halloween
C                        Am                F          G
Pagans can be fun we all agree
F                        G                          C     C/B       Am
dressing up in costumes, why take it seriously?
F                        G                     C
Jesus ain’t afraid of Halloween

  C                    Em                           Am        G
Satan did his best to scare him once
  C                                 Em                Am      G
the devil just turned out to be a dunce
                F                       G
because Jesus doesn’t scare
       C      C/B        Am
his daddy’s everywhere
F                      G                    C
Jesus ain’t afraid of Halloween

C                       Em             Am      G
Witches and goblins are all in jest
C          Em              Am    G
It’s no theological test
 F                  G                    Em          Am
Everybody knows that it’s all pretend
      F                          G                        F  F/E   F/D C

And Jesus has the Holy Ghost as his best friend

(c) 2017 Douglas Brent Smith

Song: Scary Halloween

i went shopping for a pumpkin
ran into a Christmas tree
instead of seeing orange and black
i saw red and green

scary Halloween, scary Halloween
i got stuck in between
Christmas and scary Halloween

i went looking for Frankenstein
and monsters to fill me with fear
but instead i found Santa Claus
and his flying reindeer

scary Halloween, scary Halloween
i got stuck in between
Christmas and scary Halloween

tried to find my favorites at the grocery store
but they're hard to find so tucked away
things aren't where they usually live
everything is there to give
attention to the holiday display

scary Halloween, scary Halloween
i got stuck in between
Christmas and scary Halloween

i don't like to complain too much
but why are we in such a holiday rush?
with so many days between now and then
but here we are counting down the days again

scary Halloween, scary Halloween
i got stuck in between
Christmas and scary Halloween

(c) 2017 douglas brent smith

Here and Now

Real Adventure- Doug Smith
Real Adventure

I can't perfect the past so I might as well work on the present.

-- Doug Smith

No One Expected Moses

  No One Expected Moses -- collage by douglas brent smith 4 August 1983