Song: Run Away!

Run Away! (Douglas Brent Smith)

Don’t go to the basement in your underwear
Maybe you can’t tell but there’s a monster down there
Do yourself a favor and turn on a light
Pay attention if you want to live thru the night

Did you notice that the kitchen knives are missing?
Now is not the time for teen age lover kissing
Did you notice that the lights are blinking?
Why head for the danger? What are you thinking?

Every scary movie has them: brainless fools
Walking into danger as the monster drools
Zombies and slashers love ‘em, they taste so good
And never do the one thing that they should:
Run away!     Run away!    Are you an idiot?     Run away!

If you’re smart you’ll avoid that cabin in the woods
the one with a history of evil up to no good
If it’s Friday the 13th you might want to stay awake
Dreaming on that night could be a really big mistake  (chorus)

(c) 2017 Douglas Brent Smith


No One Expected Moses

  No One Expected Moses -- collage by douglas brent smith 4 August 1983