Thursday, October 12, 2017

Song: Jesus Ain't Afraid of Halloween

Jesus Ain’t Afraid of Halloween (Douglas Brent Smith)

        C                       Em                Am                       G
She looked at me sternly with what she had to say 
      C                  Em            Am              G
“We do not celebrate the devil’s holiday”
     F                          G               Em          Am
Believe what you believe but I had to grin
     F                          G               Em          Am      D7       G
I don’t see trick or treat as some kind of sin

C                   Am                      F        G
Jesus ain’t afraid of Halloween
C                        Am                F          G
Pagans can be fun we all agree
F                        G                          C     C/B       Am
dressing up in costumes, why take it seriously?
F                        G                     C
Jesus ain’t afraid of Halloween

  C                    Em                           Am        G
Satan did his best to scare him once
  C                                 Em                Am      G
the devil just turned out to be a dunce
                F                       G
because Jesus doesn’t scare
       C      C/B        Am
his daddy’s everywhere
F                      G                    C
Jesus ain’t afraid of Halloween

C                       Em             Am      G
Witches and goblins are all in jest
C          Em              Am    G
It’s no theological test
 F                  G                    Em          Am
Everybody knows that it’s all pretend
      F                          G                        F  F/E   F/D C

And Jesus has the Holy Ghost as his best friend

(c) 2017 Douglas Brent Smith

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