photo: conversation table

Photo by douglas brent smith

Where are you?

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photo: annapolis fence

There is much to see while walking around Annapolis. I found this fenced yard fascinating.

(c) 2017 douglas brent smith

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photo: bernie on the fan

Bernie on the fan. Just because.

(c) 2017 douglas brent smith
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poem: patiently

i want to read every book
touch every flower,
breathe in every mint aired aroma,
laugh at all of your jokes
     over again

see all of your faces
trace the years between us and
smoothe the bumpy gaps

i want to bake a cake so big
it takes a lifetime to eat
and create a life so long
that all the cake is gone

i will have it, i will eat it.
     i will treat it as your appetizer
for better (much better) days to come

and what you can't see now
in you in me in us in eternity
eternally waits,

for your discovery.

(c) 2017 douglas brent smith

photo: 2065 pennington road kitchen

Not sure when this was. It could have been 1978 but it could have been sooner. That's Tom's TV. He always sat close enough to frequently change the channel (except when Star Trek was on but even then, during the commercials) before most of us had a remote control. I don't think any of the kitchen chairs matched. It was, after all, basically a college place. Some of us just had a tough time leaving.

Not shown: a likely stack of dirty dishes and a very outdated small refrigerator.

poem: now

Tomorrow. Today. Yesterday.
Here we are. Right Now.
Now is the time
to move, to act, to play, to love, to discover
beyond previous intentions, expanded &
       above invisible ceilings &
       true to a dream
Now is the time for you.
       and me

What will we do with it?

(c) 2014 douglas brent smith

Poem: who we are

who we really are is a frustrating secret
locked in chambers dark. filled with echoes
repeating what we've been told, taught, and sold
clicking away - vibrating in a pulse of rainfall
that we do not feel. Sopping, sobbing, wet.

who we really are eludes us every corner
ghostlike, shadow shrouded wispy drawn
sketched on page prepared but torn, tearful, and faded
dropping away - ringing in tones of tools
we can not carry. We touch nothing uninvited, withheld.

who we are is right there in front of us.
don't you see it?

(c) 2017 douglas brent smith

Poem: hole / under

she doesn't understand
my depression
i don't understand my
do you understand
              my depression?
does anyone understand

you grip you hold you bear you
and lurking with no trace of
ready to pull relentlessly yet
teasingly provocative invitingly
suspenseful (oh my what is 
this about maybe just LOOK at
it a little bit)
              a little
is too much to digest

at once at all

i don't understand why she
doesn't understand isn't this
her kiss?

(c) douglas brent smith

albuquerque dragon

photo: douglas brent smith

topeka tollway

from the bizarre ensemble album Bizarre Universe!

i composed and recorded this in a hotel in topeka, ks after a long ride from someplace else.
hope you get where you're going tonight...

(c) 2017 douglas brent smith

your island

there is an island for you
more than any dream
toes in the clean warm white sand
turquoise water rushing in gently
singing softly your name

there is an island for you
satisfying and free
cabana boy bringing drinks
olga massaging your neck
whenever you call

there is an island for you
apart and above the fray of everyday
laughter touching souls
hearts sparking love with every moment
accepting, friendly, relaxed

let me be your island
your terms your time your touch
and i will hold your hand
watch the waves, and smile right there beside you

sharing our very best adventures ever.

-- douglas brent smith

Collage: Read the Dictionary Upside Down

(c) Douglas Brent Smith
Read the Dictionary Upside Down


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collage: Read The Dictionary Upside Down (c) 2016 douglas brent smith

Collage: Propitious Awakenings

(c) 2016 Douglas Brent Smith
Propitious Awakenings


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collage: Propitious Awakenings (c) 2016 douglas brent smith

Collage: Probably Beyond Expectations

(c) Douglas Brent Smith
Probably Beyond Expectations


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collage: probably beyond expectations (c) 2016 douglas brent smith

Collage: Lab Time

(c) 2016 Douglas Brent Smith
Lab Time


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collage: lab time (c) 2016 douglas brent smith

No One Expected Moses

  No One Expected Moses -- collage by douglas brent smith 4 August 1983