Monday, June 20, 2016

Indulgence #1

Photograph: douglas brent smith (c) 2016
You may use this photo to your hearts delight.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

my heart so full of you

even with the world falling apart
all i can think about
is keeping us together is
bringing us together doing over
chances to choose love that
endures purely forming storms
of passion, not disappointment
and pleasures we'd treasure
not measure against impossible pondering

such notions preoccupy me even
as you chasten me to
let go of them and declare
we're over that

we're on the same page on
so many things singing similar
songs yet wrongly irregular
on this
        i must (don't judge)
        simply kiss
you again.

again this. a kiss you and me
and see where this
leads us. and please,
trust me on this
i have your best interests at heart
and my heart
            so full of you
throbs incessantly still

agreed, we see this
and so i'll wait and take
moment by careful moment
time with you until
i'm no longer (we're no longer)
careful and cautious but
dramatically real

how does that feel?

(c) 2016 douglas brent smith

Thursday, May 12, 2016

you let go

it was everything i had
inside me
given to you
a gift you
refused, to scare me to
scar me to drop me
over that cliff, that curb
wanting to touch you to kiss you
to giggle in the sand
you let go of my hand

and oh oh oh you had warned me
the storm would be rough
and wow did you signal
it would not be enough

and crap did it happen
i chased without fear
but ghostlike in vapor
desire disappeared

and so like a dark fog
neglected to stand
you held and then fell and
let go of my hand

(c) 2016 douglas brent smith

Monday, April 25, 2016

Tissue Orange Juice

Random still life and current mood.
photo by douglas brent smith
Ok to use this photo. Please notate it: photo by douglas brent smith, 2016. 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

etcetera on noisetrade

My most recent album, etcetera, is now available on Noisetrade. You could listen. You could even download for free. And if you like, you can leave a tip. 

This is the "final" version of the album -- I'd previewed parts of it before.  Hope you like it!

Find etcetera here

Way Past Getting Old

mp3 file: Way Past Getting Old

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


i am powerfully attracted to
strong coffee, strong whiskey
and strong women and
so far
strong coffee has never hurt me
although i may
drown myself in it, to
stay up thru the night
to face the morning
without her

because trying to sleep
is stupid
and trying to get over it
is bad advice

so what's to do?

when the person i'd ask
asks for space?

could i be the strong one
resilient, resolved?
remembering some mysteries
will never be solved

so make me a strong one
with whiskey and black
and i will be waiting
when that woman comes back

-- douglas brent smith (c) 2016