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Saturday, August 18, 2018

TMI Department: Not Ready

The house on Elm Street burns

It was about three years ago when I told my therapist, in talking about my ex, "I guess I should feel good that she's happy and wish her well..."

His response?

"That's preposterous. It hurts too much for that and you know it. You can let that bullshit go."

I appreciated his honesty. I understood my own truth in that moment. It was preposterous then.

And, it still is.

Some hurts heal. Some scar over. Some leave sensitive spots. If you can't fix it, at least don't pretend something that's not true.

-- doug smith

Thursday, August 3, 2017

not a couple

every couple fights
about money about attention about
    harmless searing flirtations
    temptations, indiscretions and

every couple fights about passion
   and lack of passion
about furniture, fixtures, fantasies and
   all those dysfunctional families and

we don't fight about any of that
    because we are
                   not a couple
and we fight about that

knowing what i want you
   choose to escape and
knowing what you want i
   senselessly cling
   a mess of depressed repression
   stealing every ounce of hope
from the air

and you repeat (repeat, repeat) that
   we are NOT a couple but

what about this love?

-- douglas brent smith