Song: Don't Give Up Your Day Job

Don’t Give Up Your Day Job (Douglas Brent Smith)

Don’t give up your day job
You could end up a poor slob
Life without a paycheck
Could make you a physical wreck
Don’t give up, don’t give up your day job
All my friends are artists, one way or another
Filled with talent filled with skills still yet undiscovered
When the routine looms they hunger for the road
Checking out, dropping off another heavy load

Before they jump into something absurd                                                                                                                  
They catch their breath, count to ten and say these six important words  (chorus)

Chicago is the kind of place the race is always steady
the competition’s stiff and hits when you’re not ready
But people here never fear we work until we drop
and one way or another they will end up on the top

But even when we reach the sky and soar just like a bird
we’re sure to tell the story well of those six important words

A good job is hard to find
You must be out of your mind
To chase some crazy dreams way out of reach


(c) 2017 douglas brent smith

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