The Sky With Eyes


The Sky With Eyes

The Sky With Eyes - sketch by douglas brent smith

"Did you know that Harry X. Tudas wrote a book?"

"Of course. I always assumed that he's written several books."

"Not as far as we know. But there are hints that he did write this one, although no copies have yet been discovered."

"Well, there's a picture of one."


"It looks like a big book. Harry had a lot to say, I would guess that he had a lot to write."

"We'd better look for the book."

"I wouldn't know where to look...Chicago, Trenton, Bridgeton, Warminster, who knows?"

"Paris...London...Berlin...Miami...Los Angeles..."

"You're saying that Harry got around?"

"Harry X. Tudas got around."


Harry X. Tudas is a character from a play. I borrowed the name from an expression that my great grandmother Denges would say, "What in the name of Harry X. Tudas is going on?"

Not sure where she got it from. 

Peter Hoff, also known as Zeke Peterhoff, portrayed Harry X. Today in the original production of "Cheap / Kong." He created a fabulous character.

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