For a Little While


87th Street, Oak Lawn

87th Street, Oak Lawn, IL

For a little while, I lived in Oak Lawn, IL. This picture is probably from right after I moved in. I had a small room with a single bed, a black and white TV that relied on its built-in antenna for coverage, a Fender Vibrosonic amplifier (one powerful 15 inch speaker), a borrowed Fender Telecaster, and for some reason a cat carrier. Oh, and a top hat. Not much else.

Wonderful things happened in the short six months that I lived in the Chicago area for the first time. Weird things, too.

Wait -- this could not have been right after I moved in because I painted that painting on the wall in that condo. That painting no longer exists (as far as I know) because I do not have it. 


-- douglas brent smith

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